Due to its geographical position, Arad can be reached easily enough. The most accessible way to reach Arad is using the train, as there are a lot of rail connections with any large city from Romania. For example, from Bucharest, Arad can be reached using one of the four trains running daily on this route, one of which is the InterCity (IC) - 531 Departure 13.00 - Arrival 01.15 Arad, IR 1346 Departure 15.35 -Arrival 02.24 Arad, ICN 472 Departure 17.45 - Arrival 05.19 Arad, IR 1821 Departure23.45 - Arrival 10.34 Arad. For more details and updated information, you can access

Through Arad, there are also passing the most international trains connecting Romania to Western and Central Europe. More details can be found on the sites which host the European train routes, for example

By road, the city can be reached on the European roads: E 68 from the west part through Nadlac or from the east coming from Bucharest via Deva; E 671 from the north through Oradea or from the south through Timisoara. Access is also possible in the city on various national and county roads. Bucharest is at 594 km distance, Budapest at 275 km , Oradea at 117 km and Timisoara at 50 km. Nearby airports are at Timisoara, Budapest, Oradea.