1 KM RACE - Feroneria
The route:

1 km Race - Feroneria
Arad City Hall - Revolution Avenue - ”Ioan Slavici” Classic Theatre - Revolution Avenue - National Bank of Romania, Arad Branch Office;

Conditions of participation for 1 km Race - Feroneria
- There is no age limit, the particularities for minors are described below;
- The participation is free;
- Each registered adult will run at his/her own risk.
- Organizers are not responsible for any possible accidents and/or damages caused by participation to this competition;
- Each registered person must agree with organizers or their delegates using their images within the event, with receiving information, via email, about the race (News / Newsletter) as well as with receiving SMS messages on the event and / or its partners;

- The registration can be done on www.maratonarad.ro by 19th of May, 2017;

- The time limit of running the route: 20 minutes;

- For minors (under 18 years old by 26thof May, 2017), we specify the following:

-Additionally to the site, the registration will be done with parental consent by signing a declaration in this regard. The declaration should be handed in by a parent at Multisport Experience Sports Club Association headquarters, situated on No. 3 Cathedral Square from Monday to Friday, between 10:00 a.m.to 12:00 a.m., beginning with April 2017 or it can be sent, scanned, to maratonarad@experientamultisport.ro.
The declaration can be downloaded from HERE . After submitting the declaration the registration is validated.
-Children under 10 years old will be accompanied by a parent / adult in the race who can also register at this race and receive a participation number; 

-The starting package will be available on presentation of an identity card of the registered person or of one of the parents, in case of the minors without an identity card. At picking up the starting package, the presence of the registered person is required, no matter if he/she is minor or major.

For 1 km race, the starting package contains the race number.