Thank you for all the support you have shown us - together, we have managed to bring to life an event dedicated to movement for health, in the city of Arad! Whether you took part as runners, volunteers, sponsors, teammates, partners or as part of the audience, you have played a great part when it comes to promoting grassroots sports in Arad.
Here, you can find the results of the timed races during “THE MARATHON, HALF-MARATHON AND ROAD RUNNING OF ARAD - 2019”. If you notice any inaccuracies, please let us know at maratonarad@experientamultisport.ro, until the 20th of November at the latest. From this day on, the results will be final.
We invite everyone involved to share their opinion regarding THE MARATHON, HALF-MARATHON AND ROAD RUNNING OF ARAD - 2019, by filling out this form on the website (YOUR OPINION). This will be of great help to us when it comes to making future improvements, where it’s possible and within the limits of our resources, or to keep those aspects that have worked well so far. A few minutes of your time make a great difference to us, and you can rest assured that we will read and reread every single one of your notes, now and when preparing the next edition. Over the years, a great number of adjustments have been made due to the participants’ and the volunteers’ suggestions. Even if you have filled out this form for the previous editions, keep in mind that every year we have new people joining us, and it is of great help to them to know your opinion about this year’s edition.
To follow in the near future:
● Several thousands more photos from the current edition will be posted on our Facebook page. The first galleries are already there, as you have probably noticed.
● The total number of participants will be tallied, and the advisors, educational institutions and structures with most participants will be awarded.

Of all, only the best,

Sorin-Victor Roman, initiator of the event



We invite you to participate to one of the following races, until 16th of November: marathon (42,195 km), marathon relay, half marathon (21,097 km), 7 km cross or Feroneria Cross- 0.7 km.

The news so far of the 2019 edition are the following:
1. Medals for half marathon / marathon /relay marathon

Participants can choose, at registration, between six medals with the following symbols:
- Arad Fortress (launched in 2014);
- The Romanian-Hungarian Reconciliation Park (launched in 2015);
- Hodoș-Bodrog Monastery (launched in 2016);
- The Administrative Palace of Arad (launched in 2017);
- Romania - 100 year symbolic map (launched in 2018);
- 2019 medal (in preparation for 2019);

The option is valid for participants who register by October 10, 2019.

2. We increased the number of kilometers to the 6km cross!
The race of 7 km appeared, on the same route with the marathon, the half marathon and the pole and the start will be given with them.
Due to many requests throughout the editions I added in the starter kit the technical shirt and to this competition, becoming a race that implies a participation fee. Details and the route can be seen in the regulation as well as in the Info Cross 7KM.
This year, unlike the 8 editions, we no longer benefit from the financial support of the CMCA, the City Hall of Arad or the CCJA / County Council.