The route
Ultra-marathon / Marathon / Half Marathon / Marathon Relay:

Arad City Hall - Revolution Avenue - Nicolae Grigorescu Street - Mureş Promenade- Europa Park - Micalaca Road Bridge - Eugen Popa Street - Roundabout - Fortress Street – Decebal Bridge - Mureş Promenade - Xenopol Street - Revolution Avenue - Arad City Hall;

The above route will be run 3 times (half marathon), 6 times (marathon) and respectively 7 times (ultra-marathon, 49,22 km).

Conditions of participation for ultra-marathon/marathon/half marathon/marathon relay:
- We invite to register here people over 18 years old by 5th of October, 2018; 
- The registration can be done on the following site: by 28th of September, 2018
- The timing will be done by adding a chip to the race number or to the running shoes;
- The time limit of running the route is 3.5 hours for half marathon, 6 hours for marathon and 7 hours for ultra-marathon;
- The registrations will be accepted up to 500 places;
- The participation fee is shown below, determined by the moment of payment:

06.08.2018 – 15.09.2018
16.09.2018 – 28.09.2018
Ultra marathon, Marathon, Half marathon: 60 lei/person 80 lei/person
Marathon relay 50 lei/person 60 lei/person



06.08.2018 – 15.09.2018
16.09.2018 – 28.09.2018
Ultra marathon, Marathon, Half marathon: 13 EURO/person 18 EURO/person
Marathon relay 11 EURO/person 13 EURO/person

The participation fee will be paid in one of the accounts below, indicating at the payment details: "Ultra-marathon/Marathon/Half Marathon/Marathon Relay - Full name" (name of the person for which the payment is):
Multisport Experience Sports Club Association

IBAN Lei account: RO15BTRLRONCRT0092365503 opened at Arad Transilvania Bank.
IBAN Euro account: RO08BTRLEURCRT0092365505 opened at Arad Transilvania Bank.
CIF: 31021976.
The fee is non-refundable. Please make the payment in maximum 7 days from the registration on the site to validate the registration, otherwise the organizers reserve themselves the right to delete the invalidated registration.

The starting package contains for  half-marathon/ marathon/marathon relay/ultra-marathon:

-before the race:
• race number;
• timing chip;
• storage bag;
• official T-shirt personalized with the event;

-during the race:
• health care;
• access to nutrition and hydration points;

- after the race (for participants who complete the race):
• participation certificate emailed or received in that moment;
• medal;
• access to photos from the event;

Volunteers involved in organizing the event benefit from free registration.
Each registered person agrees to run at his/her own risk. Organizers are not responsible for any possible accidents and/or damages caused by participation in this event.
Also, each registered person must agree with organizers or their delegates using their images within the event, with receiving information, via email, about the race (News / Newsletter) as well as with receiving SMS messages on the event and / or its partners. The original statement regarding those above mentioned will be signed when the starting package is picked up.

Inspire a citizen of Arad - option available for marathon runners
Among the objectives set by Multisport Experience Sports Club Association, it is that of increasing the number of marathon runners from Arad. More about the objectives of the organization you can see on;
You can support this objective by attending a meeting with one of the event’s volunteers interested in running, to whom to "confess" from your own personal experience about running a marathon. The meeting will be held in the evening before the event. We will collect the options of all those you want to motivate others, to further transmit the habit of running, on one hand. On the other hand, we will make a group of people interested to know "live" the brave stories of marathon runners. To access this option, please tick the appropriate box on the form. Allow yourself to become an inspiration to others, we believe this thing can return also by increasing your personal motivation to continue on this path!