If you have time and availability, we are waiting for you to join the organizing team and contribute to the good development of this event. Those interested are asked to send a message to maratonarad@experientamultisport.ro email address specifying in what they may be involved and asking if they wish to receive more details regarding the time needed to be allocated and conditions of development for the voluntary service.

Volunteers will be involved in:
- Helping at the revitalizing points from the route, providing information and guidance on the route during the day of the competition; 
- Motorcyclists / Cyclists on the route; 
- Handing the package of event; 
- Awarding ceremony; 
- Starting / finishing area; 
- Taking photos, videos of the event; 
- Promoting the event; 
- Secretaryship;
- Other activities in the implementation of the event;
We are waiting for you!